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Rubber cables
Rubber Flexible Cable
Uni cable supplies a comprehensive range of rubber flexible cables manufactured in accordance with a numseveralish, European and international standards. Our portfolio includes cables in accordance with BS6195, BS EN 50525-2-21, and BS EN 50525-3-21 as well as VDE and CENELEC (European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization).

These flexible rubber cables are suitable for a wide range of applications including mobile power supplies, light and heavy-duty equipment, and submersible pumps, as welding cables providing power from the machine to the tool, for audiovisual equipment, and equipment on construction sites.

Some of our rubber flexible cable products include:

Heavy-duty flexible power supply 
H07RN-F cables: Heavy-duty flexible power supply, 450/750V with various applications and often used in mobile power supplies; (also includes the light-duty H05RN-F)
NSHOU cables: Heavy-duty flexible power supply 600/1000V suitable for permanent submersion available as (N)SHÖU-O and (N)SHÖU-J
NSSHOU cables: Heavy-duty flexible power supply with an individual core screen with variations including (N)SSHÖU-O, (N)SSHÖU-J, (N)SSHÖU 3E, and (N)SSHÖU 3E+ST 
NSSCHOU cables: Variation offering an overall Tinned Copper Braid on this robust flexible power supply with Green/Yellow insulation to (N)SSCHÖU-J 

High-temperature power supply 
H07BN4-F cables (6381TQ): High-temperature power supply, with an HOFR CSP (Heat & Oil Resistant & Flame Retardant Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene) sheath, it is mostly used in industrial environments where good flexibility and resistance to mechanical abrasion is required.
H05BN4-F cable: with a HOFR sheath and suitable for domestic premises;

Welding cable
H01N2-D / H01N2-E cables: Welding cable including more flexible variant
0361TQ cables: HOFR Welding cable

Drum reeling cable
NSHTÖU cables: available both with a reinforced heavy-duty rubber sheathing and with PUR, can be used wherever cables are frequently reeled, unreeled, or guided by roller trains.
Drincable 600 and Drincable 800 Cables: These are designed for permanent submersion in potable water,o respective depths of 600 and 800 metres. 

Submersible cable
H07RN-8-F cables: Submersible cable for temporary use to a depth of 10m

Halogen-free flexible power supply
H07ZZ-F cables: Halogen-free flexible power supply, H07ZZ-F cable to BS EN 50525-3-21 - 450/750V and suitable for installations where lives could be at risk from toxic fumes and smoke in the event of a fire; 
NSHXAFÖ cables: Halogen-free flexible single conductor cable for circuit-proof applications

Silicone Rubber Flexible Cables
SIA: H05S-U Solid Core Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable
SIAF: H05S-K Flexible Core Silicone Rubber Insulated Cable
SiF-GL: H05SJ-K Silicone rubber insulated fine wired conductor with glass fiber braid
SIHF: H05SS-F Multicore Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed flexible cable
SIHF-GL: Multicore Silicon insulated and sheathed with glass fiber braid.
SIHF-P: Silicon rubber insulated and sheathed with galvanized steel wire braid.

Other application overview
H05BB-F / H07BB-F: EPDM insulated equipment wiring 300/500V and 450/750V
H07BQ-F/H05BQ-F: Polyurethane sheathed flexible power cable for construction sites
NSGAFÖU cables: Flame and oil-resistant cable suitable for the high-stress environment
Coil end lead Type 4: Electrical machinery power supply and panel wiring

Cable-uni also supplies a comprehensive range of portable flexible cables manufactured in accordance with UL styles standards, including:

Type SOOW Portable Cord 
Type SJOOW Portable Cord 
Type SEOOW Portable Cord 
Type SJEOOW Portable Cord Cable

Please speak to our technical team for more advice on cable selection.
Coil end lead Type 4
Harmonised Cable H05BQ-F & H07BQ-F
H05BB-F /H07BB-F Cable
6381TQ Cables
Silicone Rubber Flexible Cables
H07RN-8-F Cable
0361TQ cables
H01N2-D & H01N2-E Cable
NSHTÖU 0.6/1kV Cable
(N)SSHÖU Cable
(N)SHÖU O/J Cable
H07ZZ-F cable
H07RN-F cable