National Grid Expansion in Rugged Terrain in Mongolia
Release time: 2024-06-04
Uni-Cable is dedicated to providing high-quality bare conductor cables tailored for the unique challenges of Mongolia’s electrical transmission projects. Our cables ensure reliable power transmission, durability, and efficiency, essential for the country's infrastructure development.

Customer Challenge:
Mongolia's national power utility faced significant challenges in expanding the national grid across the country's mountainous and rugged terrain, which demanded durable and high-capacity transmission lines. The Mongolian government’s rural electrification initiatives aimed to connect remote rural communities to the national grid, but faced challenges with the reliability and durability of existing transmission infrastructure.

Uni-Cable Solution:
We supplied bare conductor cables with superior tensile strength and conductivity, designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions and long transmission distances.We provided corrosion-resistant bare conductor cables with high mechanical strength, ensuring long-lasting and reliable power transmission even in harsh rural environments.Extended national grid coverage, reliable power supply to remote areas, and reduced transmission losses.

Customer Testimonial:
"Uni-Cable's bare conductor cables have been crucial in our grid expansion efforts. Their durability and performance have enabled us to bring reliable electricity to regions previously out of reach."

Uni-Cable's bare conductor cables have played a vital role in addressing the critical challenges faced by Mongolia’s electrical transmission projects, delivering exceptional reliability, efficiency, and longevity.  Get a free quote by
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