National Grid Expansion in Ethiopia
Release time: 2024-05-23
Uni-Cable is committed to delivering high-quality ACSR cables designed to meet the demanding requirements of Ethiopia’s electrical infrastructure projects. Our cables ensure efficient power transmission, reliability, and longevity, essential for the country's development.

Customer Challenge:
Ethiopia's national power utility faced challenges in expanding the national grid to remote areas due to the rugged terrain and the need for durable, high-capacity transmission lines.

Uni-Cable Solution:
We supplied ACSR cables known for their high tensile strength and conductivity, ideal for long-distance overhead power transmission in challenging environments. Extended reach of the national grid, reliable power supply to remote areas, and reduced transmission losses. Improved reliability of the urban power grid, reduced outages, and enhanced capacity to meet future demand.

Customer Testimonial:
"Uni-Cable's ACSR cables have been instrumental in our grid expansion projects. Their durability and performance in tough conditions have enabled us to extend reliable electricity to previously inaccessible regions. Upgrading our urban power infrastructure with Uni-Cable's ACSR cables has greatly improved the reliability and capacity of our grid, reducing outages and preparing us for future growth."

Uni-Cable's ACSR cables have played a vital role in addressing the critical challenges faced by Ethiopia’s electrical infrastructure projects, delivering exceptional reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Uni-Cable remains dedicated to providing top-quality, durable cable solutions tailored to the specific needs of Ethiopia’s power sector, empowering the country’s development and growth.

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